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Cameras in Mall of Asia

On my last visit to Mall of Asia (MOA), I saw a store selling various cameras.  I don’t buy cameras in store as the price are very high (compared to online sellers) but it’s nice to see cameras on display.

The biggest cameras on display (aside from the DSLRs) are the Fuji Instax cameras (which I think work like Polaroid cameras).  It is my first time to see them.  It comes in different sizes.  I don’t know how relevant this cameras today are as all digital cameras provide instant feedback through the LCD, easier for uploading to the internet and much cheaper (no need for film).

There is also a display of Fujifilm’s X100.  What a beauty.  I just love the looks of the Fuji X-series (X100, X10 and X-Pro1) and I have an X10 (which I used to shoot these pictures).  I love love love the retro looks.  If cameras are judged based on looks alone, I’d go Fuji X all the way.  I want an X100 but there’s the X-Pro1 (with interchangeable lens) which I want more (but quite expensive).

There are also some Canon cameras on display, including the S100 and G1X.

When the Canon G1x was announced, I was very excited and thought of selling my Fuji X10 for this camera.  However, when the reviews started coming in, I knew it wasn’t for me.  Some reviewers say that focus wasn’t that good (which is not a big deal for me, the X10 is not a speed demon) but my biggest gripe is on the macro mode.  It wouldn’t focus as closely as my X10.  So despite the bigger sensor (and the consequent image quality), I’d be staying with my X10 (at least for now).

As for the S100, well I have the X10 so there’s no need for a stepdown in image quality.  A possible camera I’d consider would be Sony’s RX100, bigger sensor (compared to X10) in a package not that much bigger than Canon’s S100.  I’ll wait for more reviews and bigger drop in street price before deciding.

The NEX cameras are also on display.  I’ve never liked how the NEX cameras are designed (based on looks).  Small camera bodies with very large lenses (relative to the camera bodies).  The cameras on display include an NEX 7 with 18-200 lens and a flash gun and an NEX 5N (I think) coupled with a 55-200 (or 210) with a small flash.  These doesn’t make the cameras look any better.  Image quality of course is another thing (I read that image quality on the NEX cameras are superb but limited by the not-so-good lenses).

There is another laughable camera setup (in another store) which includes a Pentax Q with an SLR flash mounted on top.  The flash is thicker and larger than the camera.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of this setup.That store also has a Nikon D800 in stock!  Of course I’m a Canon user so buying it is currently not an option – the camera body is very expensive and switching brands is more expensive).  Also, since I use my pictures mostly for the web, I don’t need all that resolution (anything above 10mp works for me) and the resulting large raw files (my external hard drive is almost full).  Unless I print really large pictures.

Speaking of printing large, I saw a Fujifilm store that also prints pictures, including blowups.  This got me really excited as I’ve been wanting to blow up my pictures for my walls.  There are two pricelists – one for matte or glossy paper (the ordinary ones used for printing pictures) and another for pearl paper, which according to the kind saleslady is like exhibition quality prints.  The possibilities of printing large really excites me.

And now after this and searching online, I must control my G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome).  If only money is not a problem….


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