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Photowalk: Fort Santiago (After Paco Park)

April 22, 2012

After our visit to Paco Park, we got hungry and went to Binondo (Chinatown) for lunch.  We ate at a Chinese fastfood Wai Ying (didn’t know that they have more than one location).

After that we went to Divisoria and bought some folding spoon, fork and knife (for outdoors).  It was really really hot.  We decided to go to Fort Santiago (in Intramuros).

On the Fort Santiago tram (shot by Felix).

I’ve been to Fort Santiago before (on my first photowalk with Felix).  I think I’ve shot most of the details in Fort Santiago so this time, I shot fewer of them.













Jose Rizal in prison, the gate and detail of the cornerstone.

The Pasig River as seen from side of the wall.

One of my favorite subjects – plants and flowers.  The lilies are below the bridge on the way to the gate.  The wild grass flowers are located on the wall and they are backlit by the low-angled sun.

This is also the first time that I was able to go inside the museum dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal which was closed the last time I visited Fort Santiago.  In display are some of his works and things.

Rizal’s sculptures on display in the museum.

Rizal is a true Renaissance man, good in many disciplines.  I realize however that good as he was, he’s not as good as those who are truly dedicated to one discipline (his sculptures are not as good as Rodin, for instance).

Rizal’s “cookset” * a representation of him writing in prison * his lantern (the one in which he slipped the copy of his “Mi Ultimo Adios”.

Other photo opportunities are provided by the people working in or visiting the place.

Jason, Oyet, Felix, Tiny and I, of course, had our snapshots.  After all, what’s the use of going somewhere if you wouldn’t have your photo taken.

Tiny reaching for the stars * Jason photographing some fallen flowers/leaves

Me kneeling before Father Stone (shot by Felix) * Jason being chummy with Father Stone.

Angry-looking Oyet * Resting after a full day.

A couple of photos that became my Facebook cover photo for a while:

And when the sun set, it was finally time to go home after a full and very hot day.


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