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In the Garden

July 7, 2012

This weekend, I went home to my province (Quezon) to celebrate my father’s 75th birthday (he’s old but still strong).  There’s not much to do around the house so I shot some pictures in our garden.

Unlike my previous visit there, there are not many plants (my Labrador, Hector, destroyed many plants when bored).  There aren’t also that many insects so I took only a few pictures.

There are some insect there but they are of the usual variety.



I think it was also the first time that I’ve seen butterflies in our garden (or probably just the first time I photographed them.  The two white butterflies were copulating such that when my nephew caught them, they were still together and even when released, they’re still attached.

The garden is in the shade and almost all pictures were taken at ISO 3200, hence, the grain.  I used the Lightroom adjustment brush (minimum clarity and sharpness and maximum noise reduction) on the non-subject area but I think the end of he brush-strokes can be seen (for some reason, I can see this better on small pictures than on the big ones).  Must find a way to use non-destructive noise reduction in the future.  In the meantime, enjoy!  Comments are welcome.


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