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Portrait: Oyet

Give a talented person a point-and-shoot and she’ll create better images than DSLR/CSC-toting snapshooters.  Introduce her to Lightroom and she’ll beat the shit out of wannabe and also-ran photographers.

That’s Oyet, ladies and gentlemen.  Oyet (real name: Juliet, but hardly ever used) is a friend and a frequent travel companion.

Oyet just recently got her Canon Powershot A3300 IS.  She took pictures that made me take a second look.  When I told her to use Lightroom, her pictures make me go “Wow!”.  Her talent and good photographic eye really shines (she finished Architecture so it’s not surprising).

Her blog is

I first met Oyet in one of our inuman (drinking) sessions in Jap-ok.  Wow she’s tall!  She’s as tall as me (or probably even taller).  She’s a mountaineer with whom several of my friends climbed with. After that, there more inuman sessions and mountains and beaches.

And now that I’m kinda busy, I conferred and transferred to her the title “Organizer Extraordinaire”.  She’s now responsible for organizing most of our beach/island/nature getaways.

Oyet (with her camera) shot by Tiny. * Oyet and I on the bus to Calaguas (shot by Jason) * Trying to swim in Tondol * On my birthday climb to Mt. Talamitam


Through frequent chatting in Facebook and through several adventures with been, we’ve gotten closer as friends and I can now practice my Boy-Abunda questions on her.  I’m usually teasing her about her nationwide (or possibly even international) search for the man of her life.  🙂

Ok, below are her amazing pictures which is found on her facebook page and also on her blog (

That’s Oyet!  I’m looking forward to joining her in future adventures and seeing more of her images.  I’m also looking forward to the day when she gets her own DSLR for even better pictures.

P.S.  For readers, if you have a DSLR/CSC that you’d like to give to Oyet, please contact me.  🙂


2 responses

  1. lurve you both! :8

    July 4, 2012 at 5:59 am

  2. hahah!!!
    Thanks Elmer! This is so flattering…
    Never imagine someone would write about me…

    July 4, 2012 at 11:54 am

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