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Hidden Garden in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

June 16, 2012

Our last stop on our Vigan trip (before buying pasalubong) is the Hidden Garden (Restaurant).  It is located in the city of Vigan and is a refreshing place to unwind and eat.

The garden sells ornamental plants and has a restaurant serving Ilocano dishes (like dinakdakan and a pinapaitan-like dish which we both had).

There are various ornamental plants for sale, including some bonsai.  However, the variety of plants in Quezon Ave cor. EDSA still beats Hidden Garden.



There are also sculptures around the garden.  However, similar to other places, the sculptures are not of one theme – there are Buddhist/Hindu themed ones, Christian-religious themed and contemporary sculptures.

The general decor of the place is also disparate (though a little less) as the sculptures around the garden.

Despite the different design themes around the garden, there is a general sense of relaxation – helped by the shade of the bamboo and other trees as well as the gentle wind.

It is in this place that we ate our lunch.  I didn’t find the food spectacular (probably because I’m not used to Ilocano dishes) but it’s ok.  Price is comparable to a similar restaurant in Metro Manila (which means the restaurant is a little expensive for a provincial city).

Rest after touring Vigan.



Will I be coming back to this place?  Yes, when I get the chance to visit Vigan again.  Not only because of the place or the food or the plants but also because of something else.


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