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Post-Processing: The Fisheye Experiment

I’ve been planning on getting a fisheye lens for quite sometime but due to the fact that it’s not going to be used much, I’m getting one after I get a better general zoom (Canon 15-85 or Tamron 17-50 f2.8 as a replacement for my Canon 18-135mm), a telephoto zoom (Canon 100-400 or Sigma 150-500), combined macro and portrait lens (Tamron 60mm f2.0 macro) and super macro (Canon MP-E).

I fiddled with Lightroom’s distortion correction and experimented with creating faux-fisheye pics and here are some of the results.  I found out that it will not work for all photos.  It’s best for ultrawide photos (taken at 10mm with my Canon 10-22mm) and some few selected shots at other focal lengths (like the one on the left).  Also, a bad photo (esp. badly composed one) will not look better just because it is turned into a fisheye pic.

Creating faux-fisheye photos, I can do with diagonal fisheyes but I kinda like the uncropped photos bulging outwards (the shape reminds me of old TVs).  I think I’m gonna like the circular fisheye but they’re expensive and mostly worthless on APS-C cameras.

For now, I’ll just settle on using Lightroom for fisheyes (might try Photoshop too once I get to spending sometime with the program).  I’ll just buy the Samyang 8mm diagonal fisheye in the future.


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