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Fuji X10: Finally a Solution to the White Disc Problem

When I bought my Fuji X10, I was aware that there are problems with so-called white disk/white orbs or sensor blooming, which causes circular hard-edged highlight blowout.

In my almost 4,000 pictures, I’ve managed to get the white orbs only a handful of times (less than 20).  This is probably because of the way I shoot (usually in EXR mode) and what I shoot, mainly portraits and group shots, macro and landscapes during the day (or twilight).

Below are some of the few instances when these orbs appeared.

This was shot in Tondol and the first time I noticed the problem.  It was also frustrating because it would have been a good picture if not for the blobs on the setting sun.

The picture above was shot in Batangas Port and below, in Greenbelt 3.  In both instances, the discs are not distracting and may not be noticeable if you’re not looking.  They are probably smaller since both with shot with a relatively high ISO (800).

 Finally, Fujifilm acknowledged the problem and offered sensor modification for all those who bought Fuji X10.  Now, my question is will this be applicable here in the Philippines, especially since I bought my Fuji not from the official distributor. provided the details on the sensor modification which (from Fuji press release) should have started sometime in March.  The site also provided comparisons between the old sensor and the new modified sensor (below).

Images from DPReview.  Both shot at f5.1, 1/1.3s, ISO 100.  Left is old sensor and right is new modified sensor.

Again, the question remains if this is applicable here in the Philippines and will I get a free sensor modification.

In either case, the Fuji X10 is a wonderful camera for me (wonderful wonderful lens) and suits my needs.  If there is no free modification here, I might sell my old one and get a new one with a better sensor.  That’s how much I love my X10.


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  1. ah thats good to know! im getting one of these next week. i dont think u should worry, im currently based in vietnam and even here, i called up the fuji guys and they said they’ll replace it for free, end of May. anyway, im not too bothered about getting it replaced either. this seems to be a thing blown way out of proportion by dpreview. i saw a post on a flickr forum where these guys were sharing examples of orbs/blooming problems from a huge range of other cameras, including panasonic micro 4/3, and even the canon 5d mk iii! i think fuji got a hard deal out of it. but its good to see they dealt with it well

    the quality of the new sensor seems to be as good as the original one, i guess..and seems to definitely help the issue, if and when u actually see the issue! haha. i’ll probably get it changed when its released. have u called up ur local fuji service center? as long as u have ur warranty (and ur receipt, according to the guy i called) u should be fine

    April 30, 2012 at 12:28 am

    • Haven’t call them yet. And if they won’t replace it, I’m totally fine with the camera. Such a great small camera — amazing sensor and a much more amazing lens!

      May 1, 2012 at 1:37 am

      • absolutely. im not worried about it either. the situation has been blown out of the water, way out of proportion. cheers

        May 1, 2012 at 2:00 am

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