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Photowalk: Paco Park (Before Fort Santiago)

April 22, 2012

Last Sunday, we went on a Manila daytrip.  The original plan only includes Paco Park (a place I’ve wanted to visit for quite sometime) then lunch at Binondo.  We met in Jollibee Times Plaza in UN Ave. cor. Taft [though one doesn’t know how to follow directions 🙂 ].

One of the gates in Paco Park (above).

Tiny behind the circular chapel (left).

Tiny, Jason and Oyet in front of the gate to the inner circle (right).

Tiny, pretty woman walking down the cemetery (left).

Friends who attended the Sunday mass inside the small chapel (right).


Paco Park is an old municipal cemetery during the Spanish colonial period.  It consists of two circular walls and two or three adjoining smaller circles/half-circles.  The dead were buried inside the walls (niches) one on top of another.  However, all remains were removed from their tombs and placed somewhere.  Jose Rizal, Philippines national hero, was briefly and secretly buried here before being moved to another location.  Padre Burgos, Gomez and Zamora (three Filipino priests martyred during the Spanish times) were also buried here.  There is also a small circular fountain in the middle (probably a later addition to the place).

Right now, the cemetery is now a park that is popular venue for weddings.  (When we went there, there were preparations for a wedding that afternoon).

A dead leaf on one of the stairs going up the wall (left).

White leaves on a tree with a caterpillar (right).

Flowers of a tree (above and below).

In terms of photographic subject, there aren’t many except for the place, some plants and white doves (probably from weddings).  I guess the place will be an ideal place for a prenuptial photoshoot (if the couple wouldn’t mind the slightly morbid theme).

White doves at rest and in motion.

This is the first time I tried to capture several shots of bird in motion and upclose.  Though my camera body can keep up with autofocus (I think 7D will do), the lens attached (18-135mm kit lens) cannot keep with birds in flight, hence, most of flight shots were blurry.

After we got tired of Paco Park, we then rode a taxi to Binondo to eat lunch.

(to be continued in part 2).


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