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Fun Runs

April 2, 2011 – Hyundai Run for a Cause

When I began mountain climbing, Bong of DPM advised me to use jogging as a training for the climbs.  Last March 2011, Hyundai opened registration for a free fun run to advertise its new car, Hyundai Accent.  My officemates and I registered since it is a free fun run, with singlet and all.

Espie, Diamond’s sister, Ronald, Hero, Tin and I (pic by Diamond).

For the Hyundai Fun Run, there were two distances, 5km and 10km.  All of us in the office registered for the 5km but not all of us were able to come.

Since I have a rather weak lung capacity (since childhood and from smoking) and from being slightly overweight, I couldn’t run the whole 5km and it’s more like 2 km of run with 3km of brisk walk.

Me caught walking (official photographs of the Hyundai Run for a Cause).

After the run, we had breakfast at Jollibee Luneta.  It was a good run!  I finished 5km at around 45 minutes.  Seeing the morning sun rise (I usually wake up after the sun is risen) and seeing different people running – there were the nun running/walking in a full habit with leather heeled shoes, parents with their kids (some running some in strollers), people running with their dogs, etc.

* * * * *

April 10, 2011 – NatGeo Earth Day Run

A week after the Hyundai Fun Run, I run again.  This time with the National Geographic Earth Day Run.  And this time it’s not for free.  There is a registration of Php650 or Php750 for 5km.  This fee is for the singlet, facilitators and the rest will go the NatGeo fund or something.

The run was scheduled on a Sunday.  The day before, I dayhiked Mt. Maculot with Felix so I woke up a little later than I should.

I woke up (with an aching body), took a shower and then took a cab to Fort Bonifacio in Taguig for the run.  I arrived just in time!  No more than a minute when I arrived at the starting line when the gun fired for the start.

For this run, I was alone as my officemates either did not join or joined a run organized by GMA7 (a TV channel).


 The venue of the run (Fort Bonifacio) * My official time (around 45 minutes again)

Similar to my previous run, I walked for more than half of the 5km.  In the end, I clocked in almost the same time (the trail is slightly longer than the previous trail).

At the end of the run, I took a taxi home.  My legs hurt as I just did a 7-hour hike the previous day and then run without proper rest.  Again it was fun but not as fun as previous free run with officemates but I get to use the singlet more for climbs (it’s dri-fit).

* * * * *

After the NatGeo run, I got more involved with climbing mountains and schedules usually conflict.  I also find the registration fees a little high (P500-P1000) which would take me to a mountain for two-days (incl. food) so in the end, I did not join any more fun runs.

BUT Hyundai is hosting another free run for a cause so I may join again.


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