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Random Photo: Aeta Boatman Taking Cover from the Rain

Canon 7D + 18-135mm @ 47mm

This is another photo from our Lake Mapanuepe trip.

This is one of our boatmen who took us around the lake.  He is from the Aeta group living in the area.  The Aetas live in and around Mt. Pinatubo (as well as in other parts of the Philippines) before its eruption, mainly doing farm work.  During the eruption, many of them were displaced and now live in various parts of Luzon.  Some (previously living in the Pinatubo or the area damaged by lahar/water) now live in an Aeta community a few kilometers from the lake.

I don’t usually do black and white photos.  However, when I saw this photo, it was dull in color.  Due to the rain and fog, it was mostly gray with some very weak greens on the hill.  I converted it to black and white and boosted contrast and sharpness.


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