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Tondol Beach – Part 2

Group Shot in Tanduyong Island.

February 26, 2012

After our breakfast on Day 2, we decided to hire a boat that will take us to Tanduyong and Cory Islands.  The cost of the boat is P500 but since we cannot fit in the boat, the price became P600 for 2 trips each.

Our transport.

The boat first took Tiny, Jem and Badz to Cory Island and it returned for Oyet, Jason and me.  The boat ride is short (less than 15 minutes) and on that pleasant sunny day was not vomit-inducing.

Blue skies over emerald sea.  What a beautiful sight!

Cory Island with the nipa cottage, the lone structure in the island.

Cory Island is a small islet that formed sometime between 1986-1992 (during the term of Pres. Cory Aquino, hence the name).  From afar, it looks like it has white sand but these are actually dead corals bleached white by the sun.  The left side (coming from Tondol) is full of submerged seaweeds (and sea urchins, says the boatmen) while the right side is suitable for swimming though the waves are a little stronger.

 Cory Island.

When we arrived in Cory Island, we were all occupied with different things.  Jem was shooting seaweeds or sea urchins on one side, Badz was swimming on the other side, Tiny and Oyet were discussing something (love life or whatever) while Jason and I were at the opposite ends of the small island taking photographs.

A 360 degree view of Cory Island.

 My first underwater picture (courtesy of Jem).

After a while, we all went to the right side of the island to do some swimming and underwater pics with Jem’s waterproof camera.



Oyet testing the waters. * Jem taking some underwater shots.

After a while, we got tired of swimming so we went to the nipa cottage for some drink (Royal Tru-Orange), some chat and some rest.  We also chatted with our boatmen and learned some things about the island, its origins and other things.

Bamboo in the nipa cottage.

Some sea shells.








After feeling rested, we boarded the boat again to go to Tanduyong Island.

Tanduyong Island is a bigger island closer to the main beach of Tondol.  During low tide, you can walk from the beach to this island as the water is really low.  There is a caretaker for the island as the island is supposedly owned by someone (an official in the government or some other bigwig).  There is a fee of P10 or P20 each.

Walking along the beach around the island.

Tanduyong is just ok.  It will look probably better if not for the dried seaweeds cluttering the shore.  There are also some concrete houses under construction but were abandoned (or just not yet fully completed).  Not finding a suitable place to swim on the side of the island where we landed, we decided to walk around the island.

Watching a starfish (in our middle) for more than an hour (photo by Jem).

We found a suitable place that is relatively free from seaweeds (the place where the group photo above was taken).  We spent more than an hour in this site, just talking and watching a lone starfish – watching it move, watching it flip upright with a big rock placed on top of it.  It was amazing!  Didn’t know starfish could bend its appendages.

We either realized that we needed to go back, eat and pack or our stomachs reminded us but we decided to leave the starfish alone to go on its way.  On arriving back in our cottage and tent, Tiny cooked carbonara (which is delicious by the way), cleaned ourselves and hurriedly pack (Oyet still holds a grudge for the hurried packing).

The jeepney we hired to take us to Tondol arrived to fetch us and bring us back to Alaminos.

The long bridge connecting Anda to the rest of Pangasinan.

We arrived at the bus station but the next trip back to Manila was an ordinary bus (no aircon) so we decided to wait for an additional hour or so for the aircon bus.

Waiting for the bus trip.

We were all tired so on the trip back home, probably all of us were asleep.  I used my malong to cover my body and face and slept through the whole trip and just woke up when we arrived in the bus terminal  in Cubao (did not even wake up during out stopovers).

It was an amazing trip!  The beach was nice, the weather was pleasant, the pictures were nice and of course, the people I was with were great!  It was worth the travel time (more than 6 hours one way), the expense (around Php1600 each), and the sunburn (on my shoulders).  I definitely want to go back but there are other beaches and places to explore, so Tondol, wait for me.  I will be back probably after a year!

Group shot in Cory Island.


3 responses

  1. tripoyet

    with smile on my face while reading this. 🙂

    April 2, 2012 at 1:57 am

  2. I am a native of Anda ang my preference for Tondol has gone sour lately.I think I should give the place another chance.hehe —anton of —the wordpress account I created pr lang maka comment sa mga wordpress blogs,sakit kasi sa bangs for blogger users like me.haha

    September 7, 2012 at 4:48 am

    • Why? What’s wrong with Tondol?

      September 7, 2012 at 2:42 pm

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