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Portraits: Tin

Tin (or Christine) is an officemate who just left to pursue better opportunities abroad.  I first met her when I interviewed her for a position in our company and she makes a good first impression.  After interviewing several candidates for a vacant position (all of whom failed on interview with our CFO), I knew I found the right girl for the position in Tin.  And I was not mistaken, my boss took a liking to her and gave the approval for her hiring.

Tin and I during our last company Christmas  Party.

Well of course, she did not disappoint.  She was good at her job, fit in perfectly with the friendly and fun environment in our department and has leadership skills.  She’s the organizers of many of our department activities and co-organizers of some of our company activities.

As you can all see, she’s also very pretty.  Combine that with her charm and her great style and you have a woman who can capture a man’s fancy.  She probably turns many a-heads when she passes by.


Tin on her farewell lunch.

Sadly, we can’t expect good times to last forever.  She has her dreams for her and her family and opportunities lie somewhere else. Even if we wanted her to stay, we understand.

I know she misses us and we know that we miss her.

So Tin, goodluck and we hope you find what is due to you – in career, in life and in love.


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  1. kakainspire nmn po…more blogs sir!

    March 24, 2012 at 2:51 pm

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