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Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

December 29, 2011

The Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point Hotel.

I work for Thunderbird Resorts, operator of integrated resorts anchored on casinos in the Philippines and Latin America.  In December 2011, I went to our property in San Fernando City, La Union to accompany our external auditors for their ocular inspection of our ongoing construction projects.

Thunderbird Poro Point is located in Poro Point Special Economic and Freeport Zone.  It features a 36 room (4 are suites) hotel, 9-hole golf course and a casino.  It is also the first Santorini-themed hotel in the Philippines (Bella Roca came after).

I love the blue and white color of the hotel and how it is has a view of the west (Philippine Sea) which makes for a good location for viewing the sunset.  Unfortunately, we arrived too  late to witness the spectacular sunset on December 28.

The half-open dome reminds me of astronomical observatories when it opens to let the telescope have a view of the sky.

The inside of the main dome in the middle of the hotel (above the reception area).

Right now, it is the best hotel in the area.  Nearest hotel of comparable qualities are in Baguio (about 45 minutes) and Ilocos Sur (a few hours north).

The location of the hotel is good for those who want to do surfing as if it less than 30 minutes away from San Juan, La Union.  You can also swim in the beach of the property but it is not for surfing as the waves are not strong.  There are other water activities that can be done like jetski.  For those who do not want saltwater, the resort has its own swimming pool.

The hotel is a favorite wedding place for many (including actor John Estrada and Priscilla Mereiles).

Weddings can be held either in the Santorini lounge (above) of the hotel or in the beach area (right).

For those who want to own a piece of this property, there are also lots for sale (lease actually for a period until 2047).

There are already several houses built and being built in the property, including this 7-bedroom house (situated on 3 lots).

The main house of the privately owned mansion (above left), the helps’ quarters (above right) and the private pool (left).

The regular model of houses fit in just one lot and still follow the blue-white Santorini theme.  One of these is built to serve as a model house and will soon be available for rent as part of the hotel.

All lots (and houses to be built) will have a view either of the sea or of the golf course.

The Athena model house.

The property’s golf course (below).

I think the best part of the property is the west-facing location enabling a view of the setting sun (next time I hope to catch a beautiful sunset).  I wish to come back not as part of work but as a hotel visitor to relax and take better pictures of the property.


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