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Midlife Crisis (?)

I’m beginning to finally understand what midlife crisis is all about.  I’ll be turning 31 in a little over a week from now and a chat with a college friend last night intensified the feeling of depression.

I’m learning that midlife crisis comes when someone evaluates his/her life as opposed to what he/she dreamed or planned it would be and how far that path he/she has achieved.

Midlife crisis is supposed to come when a person is on his late 30s early 40s age.  However, my generation has been used to getting results fast (the NOW generation) and there’s a sense of entitlement.  Furthermore, the free flow of information have barraged us with details of young persons who’ve already made it big (Mark Zuckerberg, et al).  It also seems that I have college classmates and friends who are achievers and have made it big in life and my life seems to be average when compared to them.  Thus, the pre-birthday sadness.

Back in college, I was really depressed, sometimes for months.  But back then, there’s always the silver lining that when I get out of college, things can only get better.  And things have indeed gone better.  But now, what’s there to look forward to?

Oh well, on to more adventures.  If life won’t make my previous dreams come true, I’ll just create new dreams and make them a reality.  And the fact that I am evaluate my life is probably a good sign.  I have friends, I have adventures, I have fun!



One response

  1. fbb

    Life is not a race… 🙂

    March 16, 2012 at 9:45 am

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