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C6 Mt. Batulao Traverse Revisited (Old-New Trail) Nasugbu, Batangas

May 14-15, 2011

A week after I first climbed Mt. Batulao with Felix, I went back there with my officemates Jay, Tin and Hero (below).

This time, the purpose of the climb is more about fun and less about reaching a place for the first time.  I also wanted to see the views from the summit as it was foggy the previous week.

Jay and I would meet in Pasay Rotonda and Hero and Tin would join us in Evercrest since they will be coming from Bacoor.  For some reason, Jay confused Pasay Rotonda with Buendia-Taft intersection and arrived later.  Furthermore, there was a long line at the bus station and it took more than an hour before we were able to board a bus for Evercrest.

Since this climb would mostly about having fun, I decided to set up camp in Camp 1 due to the availability of water and toilet and the bigger camp space.

The trek is pleasant though it was very hot.  We stopped at each rest stop and had buko juice at all these places.  Upon arrival at the campsite, we had our lunch (bought from the carinderia at the highway) and proceeded to pitch the tents.  I brought both my tents (the dome and the tadpole) as none of them has their own tents.

After setting up the tents, we chatted had some naughty fun with shadow play (right) and played some card games.

There were other people in the campsite and some people passing through from their dayhikes (as I said, Batulao is a very popular hiking destination both for overnights and for dayhikes).

Me with a group of dayhikers wearing the same NatGeo Fun Run singlet.

The card game and chatter was then joined by drinking and drink we did!  We had several bottles of liquor and we were drinking well before the night fell.

Tin with our liquor.

Tin did not drink as she’s in charge when the three of us (Jay, Hero and I) are drunk.  Hero was complaining of a toothache earlier but it seemed to vanish due to the effects of alcohol.

By the time the sun set, we were pretty tipsy that the dinner Tin cooked went mostly uneaten (I think Jay and Hero ate but I was too drunk to touch the food).  I had too much to drink that I vomitted and spent the better part of the night sleeping outside the tent (near a steep incline where I can just wake up, puke or take a piss).

I only went inside the tent past midnight since it was getting cold outside.  My sleep was not peaceful as I was consistently woken up by the need to do #1 and I was very hungry.  I had not eaten dinner and the remaining contents of my stomach were already vomited.

Morning and time to climb the summit then go down.  Break camp after breakfast then on to higher ground.

Camp 1 is a good 30 minutes away from Camp 7 (where I last camped with Felix) and by the time we reached it, I was already panting, probably from dehydration.  After some rest and rehydration, we climbed until we reached the summit.  Tin had some doubts about climbing the roped segment but she pulled through without any hitch (as I knew she would).

And finally, I was able to see the beautiful view from the summit.  From the top of Mt. Batulao, you can see Mt. Talamitam, Mt. Maculot, Pico de Loro and Batangas Bay.

At the top of a beautiful mountain, what else is there to do other than appreciate all the beauty that God made?  Take pictures!

We also did some jumpshots but my camera’s battery died before we could get decent shots.  We had some Mountain Dew, admired the vistas then went down the new trail.  Luckily, no one had cramps this time.

It was indeed a beautiful weekend spent with officemates outside the confines of work.


2 responses

  1. Christine Busalpa

    amazing!i so miss this climb experience.paashare po ha post ko sa wall ko 🙂 So proud to have this first climb with you guys! a very special and memorable one! ^_^

    March 13, 2012 at 10:40 am

    • Syempre. Ang hirap kasi magschedule ng climb if di lagi sigurado kung sino sasama.

      March 13, 2012 at 10:42 am

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