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Photowalk: Fort Santiago (Intramuros, Manila)

Batangas Port

August 13, 2011

After finishing shooting in Manila Zoo, we went to Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila. Fort Santiago is a Spanish Fort where Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, was incarcerated. It is located on the Pasig River side of Intramuros. Intramuros literally means within walls and during the Spanish era, this comprised the whole of Manila and where most of Spanish and wealthy indios (term Spaniards call Filipinos at that time) reside. Those who live outside the walls are the Chinese (who live in Quiapo) and peasants.

The famous gate inside Fort Santiago.  This is a reconstruction of the original (which was destroyed during the WWII).

Batangas PortBatangas PortDetails of the gate.

As they say, walking through Intramuros, particularly Fort Santiago, is a walk through the country’s Spanish colonial past.  Fort Santiago highlights Rizal’s incarceration in it before he was shot in Bagumbayan (now Luneta Park).  There is a statue of Rizal inside a ruin of a jail.

Batangas PortA date with destiny.  My title for the statue of Rizal as he was getting ready to be shot to death.

From this ruin of a jail, there are brass footsteps representing Rizal’s footsteps as he walked to Bagumbayan to face the deathsquad.  (History tells us that he was supposed to be shot with his back to the firing squad but at the last moment he turned around to face them.)

There is also a light and sound show highlighting some parts of Rizal’s life (up to his execution) but it was closed at the time we went there.

In addition to Rizal’s jail and the lights and sound show, you can also go to the part near Pasig River and see the fortifications (including old cannons).

Here are some other pictures taken inside Fort Santiago.

Batangas PortBatangas Port

Batangas PortBatangas Port

Batangas PortBatangas Port

Batangas PortAt this time, I just discovered the filters in Lightroom and was experimenting with them, hence, the filters used on this pictures.

It was a fun photowalk with my friend and I guess I learned a lot, not only in shooting but also in post-processing.  I want to come back to Intramuros and visit other places (e.g., Manila Cathedral, Puerta Isabel, etc.) but I don’t have the time to schedule it yet as most of my weekends are spent on climbing mountains or going to beaches.




* * * * *

Batangas PortThis is my picture during our break.  I found out that the Canon 100mm macro is a fine portrait lens, really sharp and deliverse amazing bokeh.  The only thing is it’s too long on an APS-C camera but if space permitting, will deliver wonderful portraits.


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