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UP Diliman Photowalk

January 15, 2012

This was one of the very few weekends where I was not in a mountain or in a beach.  I went to UP Diliman (University of the Philippines – Diliman campus), my alma mater.  I think this was around the time when my outdoor buddies thought that we may be spending too much time and money on outdoor activities, hence, we just went to UP for a photowalk (well sort of).  It was also done in order to realize some of my UP dreams, to get a picture with the UP Oblation and eat in Chocolate Kiss (a restaurant too expensive for me back in college).

Our plan was to meet in Philcoa at 930am but I overslept and arrived at the meeting place late.  Ella (for the first time!) arrived ahead of us.  We went to UP Sunken Garden, chatted and I took some photographs.

Ella in a dramatic (?) pose.

Ella and I goofing around.

Jason, who was supposed to meet us earlier overslept and he arrived 2pm.  When he arrived, we headed to The Chocolate Kiss cafe/restaurant since we were all hungry but we met some of their acquaintances on the way and we were stalled for nearly half an hour.

Finally we arrived at The Chocolate Kiss and ordered our lunch.  It took sometime to cook so we, of course, chatted and chatted some more (we never seem to run out of things to talk about).

Our food!

We then went around the campus (UP Shopping Center, UP Chapel, Ampitheater and the Oblation).

One of my first rose pics!  I’ve shot several pictures of flowers (mostly wild flowers) but it was in UP where I got a shot of a rose.






A fly.  The shot was quite noisy because I had to use a fast shutter speed (handheld).

Construction site near the UP Chapel.

And finally…..

A shot with Oble!

Back then (or until now, probably), they said that if you take a picture with the UP Oblation, you will not pass the UPCAT (UP college admissions test) or will not graduate.

I did neither of those things and I passed and graduated.  Not to lend credence to that legend.  Probably merely a coincidence.

A wonderful day, of course it was spent with friends.  I had two of my UP dreams come true.  Now only watching UP Fair and Oblation Run remains.


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