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Fjona’s (Fuji X10) White Orbs

I love my Fuji X10.  It’s a small camera but the quality of its pictures can rival that of my Canon DSLR shot using a kit lens.  I love its pictures and I love the colors!

What I also love about this camera is that it’s small enough and can be relatively simple enough so that I can concentrate on framing and composition rather than technical stuff like aperture, shutter speed, etc.

However, as many have noted, there is an issue with white orbs (or discs) appearing at some pictures.  I’ve taken perhaps hundreds of pictures with this cam and have only seen these white discs only once.

The picture below is of a sunset in Anda, Pangasinan and it shows the white discs on the sun peering through some foliage and branches.

Despite the white orbs, many of my friends still like the picture.

Other than the white orbs, the Fuji X10 is a perfect little camera.  Here are some additional pictures taken (the same morning) with Fjona.

The above pic has been post-processed in lightroom (split-toning) and some additional sharpness.

Another pic (also from Tondol Beach):

I’ve also used this camera exclusively on our Hot Air Balloon Fest in Clark but that is for another post.


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