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C2 – Mt. Balagbag

March 19-20, 2011

After the ordeal at Mt. Arayat (my first climb) and after the sore leg muscles and dead toenails have subsided, I was itching for another climb.  At that time, DPM has no scheduled climb so I searched in Facebook and found an open climb by Yapak Mountaineers.  The climb is to be at Mt. Balagbag in Rizal/Bulacan province.

Since there will be many people there, I asked my officemate (Jay) to join me in the climb.

The climb participants fit into two buses.  The trek started with a river trek (which at the time was still mostly dry), then trekking through a treeless dirt road at around 2pm.  HOT!

A pic near the summit.  Only later that day did I realize that I was wearing my shirt inside out!

The summit campsite is big (it can be used as a landing area for helicopters) and has a beautiful view of the city and some mountains.

It was Jay’s first climb and the combination of the river trekking earlier (requiring large steps), eagerness and the hot hot sun caused him cramps.

Jay, my officemate turned cook.

I cooked the rice (not cooked enough), he cooked tuyo.  In the morning, he cooked all (the rice is still not good).

That night was supposed to be a special night as the moon will appear at its biggest but we spent it sleeping (too tired).

In the morning, we trekked through a different route (Karahome) and I guess I was too careless that I fell and had a sprain.

Yosi break.

After the trek, we arrived at a place that will be the place for wash up, lunch, etc.  We didn’t wash up (too many people washing up in a small place), didn’t eat lunch (still full) and just rested.

Because of the heat, I was dehydrated the following days:  felt too tired, have headaches, etc.  It’s because of this that a return trek through Balagbag is not high on my priorities.

* * * * *


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