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2012 Hot Air Balloon Festival

February 12, 2012

As a pre-Valentine Getaway, my friend Ella invited us to the 2012 Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Field, Pampanga.

The original plan was to go there the night before and pitch a tent and sleep there since the festival starts early.  However, due to some things, we ended up meeting the night before, leaving for Clark midnight (the bus station was full of passengers going to the place) and arriving early in time for some of us to buy tickets (some of us already have tickets).

Me, Tiny and Jason, chilling before the start of the festival.

The paraglider with the Philippine national flag, the unexpected highlight of the event.

The show started with paragliders coming down (one carrying the Philippine flag) while the national anthem was playing, then the hot air balloon flights.  They started inflating the balloons at 530am and it was almost 630 am when most had their balloons fly.  Some balloons – the panda, the daisy/sunflower, and an ordinary balloon – didn’t take off.  Ella, due to lack of sleep, slept for most of the balloon flights while most of us was standing near the wire fence for a view of the balloons.








After the balloons, there were exhibitions of paragliders, airplane maneouvers, balloon popping contest by airplanes, kite flying, etc.

Paragliders after the hot air balloon flights.

 Jason, Mike, Tiny and me.

Canon 800mm f5.6 IS USM at the Canon booth.  There were also other lenses (mostly L lenses) on display.

There booths and tiangge (flea market) at the location but I didn’t go around much and instead, slept on the ground.

We didn’t finish the whole festival (there is still balloon flights in the early evening) since it was too hot and dusty in the afternoon.

Mt. Arayat, my mother mountain, as seen from the Clark Airfield

We rode a jeep to Angeles City hoping to eat at a famous sisig restaurant (Aling Lucing’s) but by the time we arrived there, there was no more food available so we ended up eating in Mang Inasal in Dau and then walked to the bus station for the return trip.

A very tiring trip (basically no sleep, hot and dusty location) and I don’t think I’ll be going back there.  Fortunately, good company always trumps a not-so-good place/event so yes I had fun!

* * * * *

Ellidel, Mike, Eman, Milady, Ella, Tiny, Felix, me, Jason, Mira and Buboy (photo courtesy of Jason)


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