Traveller, Photographer, Mountaineer, Human

What Started It All

Before I had this wonderlust, I was a homebody.  Weekends I stayed at home (sometimes spending two whole days at home without going out) and sometimes just going to the mall.

Sometime in January or February 2011, for some reason, I decided to look up where Polillo Island is located.  I searched and was surprised to find out that it is part of Quezon.

I looked further down in the map and saw this small island, Cagbalete.  I decided to search further about these two islands.

I came upon a travel blog ( and read her travels to these two beautiful islands, as well as her other travels (Padre Burgos, etc.).  One of her blog entries is about her mountain climbing experience in Makiling (traverse) with Dahong Palay Mountaineers (DPM) and how she described the group as down to earth.

Out of whim and probably thirst for new adventures in life, I decided to try mountain climbing for a change.  And thus began this wanderlust that is now about a year old and may continue on.


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